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Youíre sitting at home or youíre out camping and decide that you want to go for a walk. Make sure you follow a few simple rules.
  1. Ask permission. Tell someone where you are going. Even if you think you know your way around, you still need to tell someone.
  2. Call a friend, buddy up, take someone with you. Itís usually more fun when you have someone to talk to and discover new things with.
  3. When youíre walking down a trail, always turn around occasionally and look. The path you are on always looks different in the opposite direction. Stay in areas that you are familiar with.
  4. Be prepared. Take some items with you that could be useful just in case you do get lost.
  • A whistle
  • Bright colored flagging tape or a bright colored bandana. Anything that will draw attention.
  • A BIG garbage bag
  • Tin foil or anything reflective
  • A candy bar or any high energy snack and if you can, grab a bottle of water
  • A compass (but you need to make sure you know how to use it or it will be worthless.
  • Carry a jacket and a hat with you. Even if its nice weather, when the sun goes down the evenings get chilly.

   5.    Be wise. Make sure you don't do anything or go anywhere that you know mom and dad wonít like.

OK. You did everything you were supposed to do. You followed all the directions.


Donít Panic. Stay calm. When you panic, you forget to do all the right things. Take a deep breath and THINK, THINK, THINK.

Find the nearest tree and

Donít wander. If you stay in one spot, itís easier for us to find you.


If you have a friend with you, stay together. Two heads are better than one. We donít want to end up searching for two separate people.

Now that you have calmed down, Itís time to think.

The very first thing you need to do is BUTTON UP. Put on your hat.  Youíre wondering why huh? Youíre not cold yet, but as soon as the sun starts going down it starts to get chilly when you live in these parts. SoooÖ itís better to stay warm then to try and get warm after youíre cold.


Now you have to make yourself
bigger. That means hanging things
in the trees around you that don't
normally grow there. Flagging
tape, bandanas, hair ties. Anything
that will get noticed.


Take your whistle and blow it.
Blow it three short blasts at a time.
Then wait a minute and do it again.
This lets us know where you are.


You can even use twigs or rocks and make a big


If there is an open are near you,
you can lay on the ground and
flap your arms and legs
you hear or see an aircraft
flying over. This will be the only
time you  should  ever sit on the
bare ground.


Now you need to make  a nice comfortable
place to sit down and  relax. Gather up some
nice dry leaves and twigs and make yourself
a nice bed to sit down on. If you have that
garbage bag with you, stuff it with the leaves. If
winter or wet out, use the garbage bag to sit on to keep yourself dry.
If you hear a wild animal, don't be afraid.
Just make a loud noise and they will go away
to find a safe place. They are more afraid of you then you are of them


OK, now you have done everything you need to do. Itís time to wait.

 We are on our way.

If you hear people calling out to you,
don't be afraid to answer. We are good
strangers. We are there to help. Donít
be afraid of getting  into trouble
because mom and dad will be very happy
to see you.


If you see a search dog coming your
way, don't be afraid. Search dogs are
friendly. They will come up to you, smell you, kiss you, maybe bark and then run away.



They can run much faster than you and if you try to follow them, you can become lost all over again.

The dog is going to tell someone
where you are.


               Just stay put.
   We will be there soon.


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